Tap into the power
of digital advocacy

Develop a purpose-driven campaign today and
connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

is your digital strategy aligned with your purpose?

Never before has it been so important to develop an integrated digital strategy that aligns with your purpose, connects with your audience and creates a virtuous circle of positive communications.

With over 20 years experience in marketing and communications, I have a track record for managing successful digital purpose-led campaigns.

No need to hire a big media agency: as a freelance consultant I will work directly with you to develop an impact marketing strategy that aligns with your values, builds on your brand and delivers measurable results. 

Nicholas Bruneau
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Selected Projects

Here are a few digital marketing & communications projects I have managed over the past few years.


I am delighted to have worked with numerous international organisations, NGOs, political groups and private sector clients.


I am thankful for the recommendations I received on Linkedin.

Integrated Services.

I offer mutually beneficial services that can support all areas of your digital marketing and communications activity.

Digital Strategy
Social Media Ads
Influencer Marketing
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Search Advertising
Virtual Event Marketing
Campaign Manager
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