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"If social media is the cocktail party, then email marketing is the ‘meet up for coffee’. The original one-to-one channel." — Erik Harbison

While social media receives much of the hype in today’s digital communications, email is still one of the best ways to connect with your audience in meaningful ways. It’s also an important cog in the marketing funnel, helping you to convert interest into action.

GDPR legislation has helped eliminate a great deal of needless spam and improve the relevance of email. It also encourages organisations to get to know their subscribers better and improve the relevance of their communications. Yet all of this takes work and planning. 

I will be pleased to work with you to put your email lists in order and make sure that your communications are impactful, personalised and on brand. My services include newsletter designs, in-house training on Mailchimp and GDPR, email marketing automation, list growth strategies, and an integrated email marketing approach for your website and social channels.



I will audit your email tools, lists and procedures and review your ecosystem with a goal to maximise your email marketing impact and grow your subscriber base.


I will work with you to manage your email marketing activity, either for specific campaigns or for regular, newsletters, helping you to draft engaging content specialised for your audience.


A well-designed newsletter can make all the difference, and I will go beyond regular templates to build a branded template that can be used across your organisation and customised for various divisions and offices in your company.


In order to maximise your time and resources I will be set up an automated workflow with pre-approved settings, schedules, and content for automated emails that can complement your programmes or campaigns.


I would highly recommend Nicholas to any organisation seeking to improve their digital marketing and web expertise.

Stefan Denig – Senior consultant for sustainable transport, energy and climate action, IFOK

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