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“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” – Abraham Lincoln

Sometimes you need to expand your marketing funnel and Google Adwords can certainly help by driving massive amounts of relevant traffic to your website.

With Google Adwords campaigns you only pay for each click made on your ads, allowing you to maximise for traffic to your website. The budget can be limited on a daily basis and therefore you have complete control over what you spend.

I can work with you to implement a targeted, highly segmented campaign with continuous tracking of the investment and the traffic. All this enables us to narrow down which words are the most beneficial and what type of users are most receptive.

If you have specific campaign objectives like a download, event registration or newsletter sign-up, this can be maximised with engaging ad copy and the design of a professionally designed landing page that will drive conversions.



We will first review your objectives and targets in order to set up the right campaign on search and design a mindmap of the online journey.


This includes the implementation of keywords, advertising formats, copywriting, landing pages, ad design and retargeting.


A weekly KPI report will include an overview of key metrics, comparing performance with previous time periods, helping you to understand how well your campaigns are performing compared to PPC best practices.


A search campaign is continuously evolving. Following the launch I will be constantly monitoring the campaign with regular reports on progress with concrete recommendations and adjustments.


Nicholas is comfortable in complex projects and offers data-based recommendations for any communication issues.

Peter Koziel – Senior Marketing & Communications Manager, EIT Climate-KIC

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