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I was approached by EIT Climate-KIC’s Communications Director Stefan Denig with a major challenge: transform and completely re-design their website, from top to bottom.

EIT Climate-KIC is the European Union’s climate innovation agency and its website had become old and irrelevant. A web agency had tried to start the re-design project one year before and hadn’t been successful, so I was left to pick up the pieces and launch the process all over again.

“The organisation had grown and expanded and the website was no longer relevant” said Denig. We needed to simplify the user journey and re-assess EIT Climate-KIC’s goals for the website, while ensuring that all other websites were interconnected for a unified user experience.


After undertaking a quantitative analysis of the website’s traffic and Google Analytics, I conducted stakeholder interviews with staff and partners of EIT Climate-KIC. The message was clear: we needed to create a website that was simple and easy to navigate. 

I analysed the existing website arquitecture, re-designed the sitemap completely and aligned its content with the new strategy. It was like re-arranging a puzzle. 

This was the first step to building the new website structure, helping me to map out new objectives and re-arrange EIT Climate-KIC’s content sitemap. I then put together a new wireframe design taking into account new website trends as well as the expectations by Millennials who want to find information quickly and are always mobile.

Subsequently I worked closely with the London-based web agency The Web Kitchen in order to build the website, approve new designs and create the content needed to launch the new website. I also produced a new website video for the homepage in collaboration with Brussels-based photographer Tim Buelens.


The new website is multi-dimensional: it is beautiful and innovative yet well-structured and easy to navigate, allowing it inspire and inform diverse and widespread audiences. The homepage video helps capture the imagination of our visitors, encouraging them to take action on climate change and create the same kind of excitement and engagement that Climate-KIC supports in real life.

“The project was particularly challenging because it had to represent a clear and coherent structure for a complex and highly distributed organisation, dealing with complex content and a host of needs” said Gina Lovett, Acting Communications Director, following the launch.

The website design became a model for EIT Climate-KIC, helping to shape all other regional and programme websites of the organisation. All new websites were interconnected thanks to the WordPress multi-site platform, allowing content to seamlessly link from one website to the other.

For more information visit climate-kic.org.

“I worked with Nicholas in the context of the Climate KIC website re-design where he showed excellent project management and technical skills. I would highly recommend him to any organisation seeking to improve their digital marketing and web expertise.”
Stefan Denig
Director of Communications & Marketing



EIT Climate-KIC


Web Design, UX, Project Management

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