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While it is certainly true that good content and a well-planned organic social media strategy is necessary for success, new social media algorithms mean that many companies and organisations may need a bit of support with targeted advertising and promoted posts if they want to reach larger audiences.

Social media advertising can help to expand your reach and build your fan base quickly. I have extensive experience managing targeted online ad campaigns and can guarantee positive results thanks to continuous monitoring and A/B testing, even if you have a small budget.

In fact, a well-planned ad strategy can tuly act as a launching pad for your communications: not only can it foster more engagement but it can convert your fans into email newsletter subscribers, attract people to your events and help build a community of engaged brand ambassadors.



I will work with you in order to develop advertising guidelines that can help define your message, audience and expected results. According to this I will put together a series of actionable campaign recommendations.


Through continuous monitoring I will adjust ads and propose new formats in close collaboration with you to maximise engagement and click-through rates (CTR), while keeping an eye on your budget.


Together with your team I will put together a series of creative ad formats and engaging copy for your posts, which will be customised for each relevant social media channel and act as a starting point for the first wave of activity.


Thanks to the use of pixels and UTM parameters I will regularly track the direct ROI of your ad campaign, allowing you to see what works. Pre- and post-campaign surveys can also be built in for additional sentiment analysis.


Nicholas was resourceful and attentive. Thanks to his work we doubled our Facebook engagement and greatly diversified our fan base.

Katrien Van den broeck – Social Media / Campaign Manager, Renew Europe

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