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The Head of Communications of EDF European Affairs was eager to build a local social media presence that could complement her existing events and activities, yet corporate guidelines did not allow her to create a blog or launch her own website.

EDF sponsored various events yet they were not able to leverage the social media buzz during and after the events due to the lack of a proprietory social media accounts. However, the company wanted to continue the conversation online so it was clear that a creative solution was necessary in order to increase engagement with event participants.


A digital marketing plan was developed with a focus on key events and campaigns, leveraging the company’s existing social media presence and making sure that guidelines from head office were followed.

The goal was to build advocacy and foster engagement around a series of events focused on energy policy. Working with selected third party service providers, we developped a social media campaign plan that could be implemented at scale with little effort.

Content marketing and an editorial calendar was planned to feed into the live events and encourage a virtuous circle of discussions and information exchange, both online and offline. The hashtags for each event and campaign were strategically used to share and post relevant content from EDF’s global website, helping to showcase the company’s work in a contextual manner.


Relevant social media channels and clearly defined KPIs were set for maximum effectiveness and measurement of the campaign.

The result was a targeted strategy roadmap that enabled the Head of Communications to leverage the buzz of local events and activities while following EDF Group corporate social media guidelines.

“EDF European Affairs boosted its visibility through targeted actions and by expanding its network of associations, while at the same time consolidating its presence on social media, which players in Brussels are using more and more. The communication team focused on building awareness of the Group’s new commitments and outlining its positions at events and in the press. In this way, it highlighted EDF’s commitments in high-stakes areas at a time when European institutions are preparing to set new policy priorities for the coming years” (EDF Activity Report 2018).





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